$669.00 ex. GST

Designed with short formats of the game in
mind the Kookaburra Beast Senior 2.0 is an
imposing figure in the Kookaburra line-up.
As the bat with the lowest profile in the 22/23
range, the Beast 2.0 is designed with
attacking mode in mind and produced
using grade 3.0 unbleached English Willow.
Grade 3 Unbleached English Willow
Imposing Low profile
Traditional toe shaping
Oval Handle with Players Grip
Weight range of 2lbs 8oz -2lbs 10oz

Kookaburra Beast 6.0 Cricket Bat
$249.00 ex. GST

English Willow
Pro Shield facing
Mid-low profile
Square toe profile
Grid grip

Kookaburra Kahuna Cricket Bat
$370.00 ex. GST

English Willow
Features a mid profile with the spine of the bat running all the way into the toe, extending the sweet spot and making Kookaburra bats perfect for all round stroke play
Wave Grip
Mid Profile

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