Batting Helmet with Ear Protection
$44.50 ex. GST

Baseball and Softball batters Helmet with Ear Protection
Foam padding inside for comfort
Chin strap
Available in Red or Blue
Available in Small, Medium or Large
Size Guide:
Small - 53 - 55cm Circumference
Medium - 55 - 57cm Circumference
Lrge - 57 - 59cm Circumference

Body Guard
$89.90 ex. GST

Heavy duty Nylon Cover
Made with High Density foam protection to absorb hits
Flexible contoured body fit
Adjustable straps
Size Guide - 45cm from neck line to waist

Catchers Helmet With Mask
$89.90 ex. GST

Heavy duty High Impact ABS shell
Padding for extra comfort
Full face mask with padded chin
Also ideal for junior wicket keeping

Catchers Leg Guards
$159.00 ex. GST

Constructed from Heavy duty impact resistant ABS shell with padding and adjustable straps
Flexible knee and foot protection
Extra side wing padding for added protection

Catchers Throat Guard
$15.50 ex. GST

Heavy duty ABS material
Added protection for catchers helmets and facemasks

Mask Only With Ear Protection
$41.90 ex. GST

Heavy duty metal grill with Ear Protection and adjustable strap
Extra soft padding around face
Also ideal for cricket wicket keeping and hockey corners protection
Mask only

Replacement Chin Strap
$6.50 ex. GST

Replacement chin straps for batting helmets
Easy pop button installation
Chin strap only

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