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Bow String
Archery Strammit
Aluminium Arrows 29"
$14.90 ex. GST

Strong aluminum construction
Length: 29 inches (74cm)
***Sold individually***

Archery Arm Guards
$16.90 ex. GST

Arm Guards as used with recurve bows

Archery Arrow Nocks 10 Pack
$15.50 ex. GST

Archery Arrow Nocks
Replacement nocks for arrows
Pack of 10 pcs

Archery Arrow Points 10 pack
$22.50 ex. GST

Archery arrow points per 10
Replacement arrow ends for arrows.

Archery Finger Tabs
$7.50 ex. GST

Leather finger tabs, as used with recuve bows

Bow String Double Loop
$21.90 ex. GST

Double Loop Archery Bow String 50" or 60"
Replacement strings for Recurve Bows

Fibreglass Arrow 28"
$9.90 ex. GST

Economical arrows made of fibreglass
Designed for youths and beginners
Durable design
Available in 28 inches (71cm) Length

Fibreglass Recurve Bow - 112cm
$75.00 ex. GST

Low Compound Bows
Durable and reliable
Lightweight for easy holding
Once the bow is tuned and you begin getting used to it, it is highly accurate

Fletching Adhesive
$24.90 ex. GST

Fletching Adhesive
Industry standard Fletch-Tite brand
Strong fletching cement for replacing arrow fletcing
Tube of 22gr

Fletching Replacements
$14.90 ex. GST

Fletching Replacements per 10
Colours will vary

Large Archery Paper Target Face
$16.50 ex. GST

Archery Paper Target
120cm x 120cm
High visibility colour
Traditional design

Large Archery Strammit
$119.50 ex. GST

Archery Strammit Target 120 x 120cm
Approximately 2" thick
Will stop arrows from most bows
Compressed straw target for home practice which can be used alone or as a backstop for another target
Must be kept out of the weather

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