Stainless Steel Dial Pressure Gauge
$24.90 ex. GST

Built in pressure release valve
Inflate pressure for each ball to specifications on ball
Inflating needle included

Heavy Duty Electric Compressor
$399.00 ex. GST

Oil-less portable air pump
1.5 HP - 240v
Includes heavy duty hose and gun style handle with needle adaptor
Suitable for use with thin style needles
* Thin thread inflator needles required

Mini Air Electric Compressor
$235.00 ex. GST

Compact pump comes with dial for ball inflation gauge and 5 different needles and adaptors
Plugs into standard outlet
1/8 HP - 240v
Suitable for use with wide/thick thread needles only

Hand Pump Plastic
$8.50 ex. GST

Needle included
Suits wide thread needles
30cm size

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