$1550.00 ex. GST

Original ACROMAT system
Fully adjustable rebound by altering the pressure in the air bags - suits all gymnasts
Guided travel system - torsion stabiliser ensures smooth even take off for vaulting
Bulky freight charges will apply

$595.00 ex. GST

Classic springboard with 2 soft springs and carpet top. Perfect for beginners. 22kg *Bulky item, additional freight charges will apply*

Vault Box - Foam
$1550.00 ex. GST

The Foam 4 Piece Vault Box is made of a high-density polyurethane foam and a non-absorbent vinyl cover. 4 Elements trapezoid vault boxes. Modules can be stacked together or used separately. Non-skid material sewn to the bottom of each module for extra security and safety. Each module features handles and velcro flaps for a secure connection to each other. Heavy duty, tear resistant vinyl. Moisture resistant and easy to clean. Overall dimensions: 120cm(L)x90/40cm(W)x120cm(H) Height of each module: 30cm *Bulky item, additional freight charges may apply*

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