Dunlop Australian Open Tennis Ball
$14.90 ex. GST

The official Dunlop Australian Open ball uses the finest natural rubber
An ultra-consistent ball for high performance play
Includes 4 tennis balls

Dunlop Championship Tennis Ball
$9.90 ex. GST

Officially endorsed by the ATP Tour, this mid-range ball is ideal for club and recreational players
The Max Core & Durafelt HD Cloth make this ball durable and suitable for play on all court surfaces
4 Balls per can

Dunlop Competition Squash Ball - Dz Box
$71.50 ex. GST

Competition Squash Ball - per Dozen Designed with a standard size
10% longer hang time than the pro ball
Offers outstanding performance and great value for club play

Dunlop Intro Blue Dot Squash Balls - Dz Box
$71.50 ex. GST

Beginners - per Dozen
Developed to help players fall in love with the game straight away and learn technique and skills quickly and easily
The Intro ball is 12% larger than a standard ball with 40% longer hang time than
Blue dot

Dunlop Progress Squash Progress Squash Ball - Dz Box
$71.50 ex. GST

Recreation - per Dozen
Improve your game with a ball that boasts perfect playing characteristics to help you develop correct technique and improve your skills
The Progress ball is 6% larger than a standard size ball
20% longer hang time than the Pro ball
Perfect for you if you're a game improver or recreational player
Red Dot

Dunlop FX 500 Lite Tennis Racquet
$299.00 ex. GST

Lightweight speed from head to handle, the Dunlop FX 500 Lite tennis racquet ticks all of the boxes of improving players, intermediate players and advanced juniors

Sonic Core Infinergy powered by BASF: Strategically positioned at 2 and 10 o’clock of the racquet head, this feather-light and ultra-elastic material minimises vibrations for a cleaner sensation on impact while boosting the rebound characteristics
Head Size: 645 sq cm / 100 sq inches
Weight (unstrung): 270g / 9.5oz
Length: 68.6cm / 27in
Balance (unstrung): 330mm
String Pattern: 16/18

Dunlop SX Team 260
$169.00 ex. GST

Play with comfort and spin
The SX TEAM 260 has the largest head size in
our mid range. The large head translates into
lots of power and comfort. Great for players
who want a lightweight racket that is
joy to play with power, comfort and spin.
27.25 inches length
260 grams weight (unstrung)
16x19 string pattern
105 square inch head size
23-26-24 beam width mm

Dunlop Tennis Racquet
$49.00 ex. GST

The Dunlop junior tennis racquet.

Dunlop Tennis Racquet Elite 270
$105.00 ex. GST

The entry-level ELITE 270 is perfect for beginner adults or juniors looking for their first full-size racquet
Fused graphite and aluminium construction

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