Kookaburra Red King Cricket Ball
$49.50 ex. GST

Red King Cricket Ball, 2 piece

Reaction Ball
$3.50 ex. GST

Multi sided ball
6 sides ball
High quality material
Ball will bounce in a completely unpredictable pattern
Easy to catch for beginners and elite users
Available in S-7cm Diameter & L- 10cm Diameter

Kookaburra Practice
$33.50 ex. GST

The Kookaburra Practice Cricket Ball is a two piece leather training ball that is widely used and generally regarded as one of the best training balls available
2 piece practice ball
Widely recognised as the best training ball in cricket
Granulated cork and rubber core

Kookaburra Supa Soft Ball
$18.50 ex. GST

Excellent durability and coaching properties
Excellent quality two piece construction
Plastic moulded cover with real stitching
Superb quality foam centre built and finished to achieve true Cricket ball bounce

Buffalo Crown Cricket Ball
$34.00 ex. GST

Top grade solid hide leather
Ideal match ball or top level training ball
Available in 2 piece

Buffalo Shield Cricket Ball
$28.00 ex. GST

Select quality solid hide
Top grade thread stitching
Ideal for lower level or social games
High quality training ball

Kookaburra Red King
$47.50 ex. GST

2 Piece construction
Moulded granulated cork and rubber centre
Selected leather cover designed for artificial surfaces

PVC Development Ball
$4.90 ex. GST

Made from soft rubberised PVC
Non-toxic PH free material
Available in sizes Junior-66mm & Senior-73mm

Kookaburra Practice Ball
$31.50 ex. GST

Kookaburra Practice is a quality ball and features a two piece construction with moulded granulated cork and rubber centre

Fusion Cricket Ball
$65.00 ex. GST

Lightweight low bounce starter ball
130G - Box Of 6
Durable PVC ball
Ideal for practice and training

Jugs Bowling Machine Ball Per Dozen
$149.00 ex. GST

The original bowling machine balls
Medium/Soft feel off the bat

Kookaburra Regulation
$106.50 ex. GST

Australian made
Four piece construction
Selected first grade alum tanned steer hide cover
Fine linen stitching
Three layers of cork and worsted yarn centre over a cork and rubber nucleus 156G

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