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AFL Football
Football Jumpers
Disc Ground Markers 25cm
$6.90 ex. GST

Available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Orange, Purple and Pink
Can be purchased individually or in sets of 6 or 8

Disc Ground Markers 50cm
$15.90 ex. GST

Available in Red, Blue, Yellow and Green

Disc Ground Markers Set of 6
$39.90 ex. GST

Set of 6 Disc Markers
Colours include Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple and Green
25cm only

Disc Ground Markers Set of 8
$49.90 ex. GST

Set of 8
Colours include Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink and White
25cm only

Nexus Edge Base Trainer
$395.00 ex. GST

Great for coaching proper techniques such as tap work, marking, blocking, catching and more
Comes with complete training setup with magnet
Balls sold separately.
Comes with Bag

12 Pack Plastic Whistle
$29.90 ex. GST

Large coloured plastic whistles with pea
***Lanyards not included***

Acme Metal Whistle With Ring
$19.90 ex. GST

Blow Rate | Easy
Blow Tone | High | 3600Hz
Weight: 20g Available in Small | Medium | Large

Acme Plastic Whistle
$7.90 ex. GST

Easy to blow, small, high pitch 117dBA and loud
Chosen by officials in sports, teaching, animal training, police authorities, military units and music specialists

Acme Thunderer Plastic Whistle
$11.90 ex. GST

Classic Small 660 model whistle with finger grip

Acme Thunderer Whistle
$19.90 ex. GST

ACME Whistles are recognized as the world's best quality
Shatterproof and bit resistant, high impact plastic
Comes with fully adjustable brass finger grip
Commonly used in Australian Rules Football and Netball by leading umpires

Acme Tornado Whistle
$11.90 ex. GST

The world’s most powerful whistle! Commanding attention all over the world, the original and genuine Tornado T2000 pealess model hits heights not reached by any other whistle. This high pitch gives greater penetration creating a crescendo of sound that cuts through even the greatest crowd noise

AFL Coaches Folder
$54.90 ex. GST

Notepad clip
Magnetic whiteboard
25 magnetic name tags
Marker pen
Water resistant
SIZE: 37cm x 46cm (Open)

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