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Spalding Basketball

Cellular Rubber Basketball

Anti Hang Rim
Nylon Basketball Net
12 Pack Plastic Whistle
$29.90 ex. GST

Large coloured plastic whistles with pea
Lanyards not included

Acme Metal Whistle With Ring
$15.90 ex. GST

Available in 3 sizes

Acme Plastic Whistle
$7.90 ex. GST

Plastic Whistle with Keyring

Acme Thunderer Plastic Whistle
$11.90 ex. GST

Classic Small 660 model plastic whistle with finger grip

Acme Thunderer Whistle
$19.90 ex. GST

Acme Thunderer 577 moulded plastic mouthpiece with metal finger grip

Acme Tornado Whistle
$11.90 ex. GST

Tornado T2000 plastic pea less whistle

Bench Top Timer
$39.90 ex. GST

Large 6 digit display
12 or 24 hour display
Clock mode - hour, minute, seconds, with AM/PM flag
Countup and countdown feature
Easy to read and easy to set

Duffle Carry Bag
$22.50 ex. GST

High quality heavy duty mesh with toggle duffle carry duffle carry bag carry bag bags

Plastic Whistle
$2.90 ex. GST

Plastic Whistle with ring

Standard Magnets
$13.90 ex. GST

Standard Magnetic name tags
Pack of 25

3 X 3 Cellular Rubber Basketball
$25.90 ex. GST

Premium quality cellular rubber with enhanced grip
Nylon wound butyl bladder
Official Size and weight according to FIBA 3X3 rules
Ideal for Outooor or Indoor use
Size 6 ball in Size 7 weight.

BG1000 Basketball
$55.00 ex. GST

BG1000 Basketball

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