Competition Pro Soft Volleyball
$28.90 ex. GST

Microsoft PU material Nylon wound. Butyl Bladder Also available in plain white

Mikasa V300W Deluxe Competition Volleyball
$149.00 ex. GST

Mikasa V300W Deluxe Competition Volleyball

Mikasa V330W Official Game Ball
$95.00 ex. GST

Size 5 AVF
Deluxe competition performance
Smooth surface
Nylon wound centre
Composite cover
Laminated 18 panel design
Miniaturised self-sealing valve

Molten M4500 Volleyball
$105.00 ex. GST

Laminated Ultra-Touch Composite Leather Surface
18 Panel Design, Butyl Bladder

Molten M5000 Volleyball
$135.00 ex. GST

FIVB Approved
Flight Stability Technology
Premium Microfibre Composite Cover
Nylon Wound
Official Size and Weight

Nexus Volleyball
$35.00 ex. GST

The Nexus volleyball is suspended from the Nexus Edge so junior players can jump and spike the ball, and it re-attaches quickly by magnet for seamless repetition training.
By focusing on ball handling, your little volleyballer can improve their technique, footwork, arm swing and shot selection to help them ace their spikes on a live ball.
Size 5

Rainbow Volleyball
$25.90 ex. GST

Features: Rainbow design Volleyball. Soft Touch Synthetic Leather material. Hand Stitched. Premium latex bladder. Official Size and Weight.

RainbowZ Soft Touch Volleyball Set
$79.90 ex. GST

Set of 6 Balls
1 Piece each colour of Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink
8 Inch - 210mm Volleyball
1 piece moulded construction
Super Soft touch feel
Can be used Indoors, Outdoors and on all surfaces
Wont sting when spiked or hit
Guaranteed non toxic tested material

Revolution Pro Volleyball
$39.90 ex. GST

Super soft Korean PU material
20 panel design for increased visibility
Highest grade competition quality
Featuring revolutionary dimpled material

Soft Spike Volleyball
$21.90 ex. GST

Machine stitched. Soft feel PVC. Latex bladder

Soft Touch Volleyball
$14.90 ex. GST

1 piece moulded construction
Soft touch feel
Available in Pink, Yellow, and Orange

Spiker Volleyball
$45.90 ex. GST

The Spiker 170 Volleyball is designed for recreational and junior use. Ideal for use in Volleyball Australia's Spikezone program for kids. Features: Ideal for use in Volleyball Australia's Spikezone program Modified softness construction Washable cover Size 5 18 panel design EVA Cover 160-180 grams

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