Spalding React
$69.00 ex. GST

All-surface composite leather cover
Butyl rubber bladder for air retention
The React TF-250 basketball is an indoor/outdoor leather composite ball built for the training court
Designed for indoor and outdoor play

Spalding TF -Elite
$109.00 ex. GST

VJBL Official Game Ball, exclusive to Basketball Victoria
Tournament composite cover material with full ball pebbling & soft foam carcass for superior grip & feel
Performance composite leather material

Spalding TF-50 Layup
$19.90 ex. GST

The Layup TF-50 is a durable rubber basketball designed for recreational outdoor play. Featuring full ball pebbling and raised grip design to give the player a better feel and control of the ball. Its rugged rubber cover can stand up to the harshest of concrete courts and playground jungles.

Durable Rubber cover
Designed for outdoor play

Spalding TF-Grind
$54.90$54.90 ex. GST

The TF-Grind is the perfect all-rounder ball. Suitable for all playing surfaces, the Spalding TF-Grind ball is ideal for shooting hoops in your yard or playing a game with friends at the local court.
Material - PU composite leather

Spalding TF1000 BigV Basketball
$145.00 ex. GST

Spalding TF1000 BIGV
Material - ZK Composite Leather
NFHS and FIBA Approved

Spalding TF1000 NSW Basketball
$145.00 ex. GST

Spalding TF1000 Material - Performance Composite Leather
BA / NSW Approved ball.

Stainless Steel Dial Pressure Gauge
$24.90 ex. GST

Built in pressure release valve
Inflate pressure for each ball to specifications on ball
Inflating needle included

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