Stainless Steel Dial Pressure Gauge
$24.90 ex. GST

Built in pressure release valve
Inflate pressure for each ball to specifications on ball
Inflating needle included

Spalding TF1000 NSW Basketball
$135.00 ex. GST

Spalding TF1000 Material - Performance Composite Leather
BA / NSW Approved ball.

Spalding TF -Elite
$95.00 ex. GST

VJBL Official Game Ball, exclusive to Basketball Victoria
Tournament composite cover material with full ball pebbling & soft foam carcass for superior grip & feel
Performance composite leather material

Spalding React
$65.00 ex. GST

All-surface composite leather cover
Butyl rubber bladder for air retention
The React TF-250 basketball is an indoor/outdoor leather composite ball built for the training court
Designed for indoor and outdoor play

Spalding TF1000 BigV Basketball
$149.00 ex. GST

Spalding TF1000 BIGV
Material - ZK Composite Leather
NFHS and FIBA Approved

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