Batting Glove Superlite
$32.90 ex. GST

Premium quality calf skin palm
Finger protection
Light weight plastozote design
Excellent comfort and flexibility
Available in LH & RH / Youth & Mens

College Batting Gloves
$21.90 ex. GST

Ideal entry level glove
Traditional sausage style glove
Durable cotton palm with SYN-leather re-inforcement

Indoor Batting Gloves
$39.50 ex. GST

Premium grade indoor cricket gloves
Leather palm
Mesh back
Adjustable velcro band
Available in Small, Medium and Large

Indoor Wicket Keeping Gloves
$45.00 ex. GST

Top grade indoor cricket wicket keeping gloves

Kookaburra Kahuna Batting Gloves
$60.00 ex. GST

Calf leather palm
HDF fingers and backhand protection
Ergonomic square foam styling
One piece side bar on bottom hand
Toweling wristband
Available in LH & RH / Adults & Youth

Kookaburra Kahuna Wicket Keeping Gloves
$75.00 ex. GST

Reinforced finger chambers
Durable outer
K-Flex backhand support
Kookaburra catching cup
Dimple grip palm

Wicket Keeping Glove Shield
$39.90 ex. GST

Synthetic leather back
High quality pimple grip palm
Available in 3 sizes Boys, Youth & Mens

Wicket Keeping Inner
$8.50 ex. GST

Standard style cotton inners
Padding for extra protection

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