Athletics Marking Pins 1-12
$89.00 ex. GST

Rectangular metal pins with long peg
Numbered 1-12
28cm long peg
Ideal for use on all grass surfaces

Competition Hammer
$65.00 ex. GST

Machine Rounded Steel
Includes handle and wire

Multi Throw Training Discus
$22.90 ex. GST

The Multi-Throw Training Discus is the ultimate tool for multi-sports throw training. It can be used for Shotput Throw, Hammer Throw and Discus throw - all in one handy device!
Colour coded by weight:
Blue - 400gm
Red - 600gm
Yellow - 800gm

Training Hammer 350gm
$29.90 ex. GST

Indoor or outdoor use
Ideal for beginners to learn correct technique
Made from soft rubberised PVC

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