Aeroplane Black Feather Shuttles
$49.50 ex. GST

Pack of 12
Made from selected premium goose feather and top-grade materials
Offer excellent durability, flight, consistency, and speed

Classic Goose Feather Shuttlecocks
$29.50 ex. GST

100% Goose Feather Shuttle with cork head
Medium Speed 77
Sold per dozen

Cross Speeder - Tube Of 5
$25.90 ex. GST

The heaviest speeder- for long range outdoor play
The least affected by the breeze
Tube of 5

Epsilon 728 Feather Shuttles - Orange
$42.90 ex. GST

Orange Feather Shuttlecocks sold per dozen

Epsilon 808 Feather Shuttles - Yellow
$49.90 ex. GST

Feather Shuttlecock sold per dozen

International Nylon Shuttlecocks
$17.90 ex. GST

Medium speed shuttle ideal for social and school level
High quality nylon material
Available in white or yellow
Sold per Dozen

Mavis Nylon 600 Shuttlecocks
$31.90 ex. GST

Tube of 6
Made from Nylon
Medium Speed Shuttlecock (For use in temperatures in the range of 12-23 degrees)

Tournament Goose Feather Shuttlecocks
$35.50 ex. GST

Premium quality Goose Feather Shuttlecocks with cork head
Approved for use in all international and School tournaments
Medium Speed 77
Sold per dozen

Turbominton-X Shuttles
$18.50 ex. GST

Turbominton Crossminton Shuttles Tube of 5
Wind resistant
Ideal for long rallies
Includes weighted speed rings
Ideal for outdoor use on any surfaces.
Crossminton combines different elements from Badminton, Squash and Tennis

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