Dunlop Australian Open Tennis Ball
$14.90 ex. GST

The official Dunlop Australian Open ball uses the finest natural rubber
An ultra-consistent ball for high performance play
Includes 4 tennis balls

Dunlop Championship Tennis Ball
$9.90 ex. GST

Officially endorsed by the ATP Tour, this mid-range ball is ideal for club and recreational players
The Max Core & Durafelt HD Cloth make this ball durable and suitable for play on all court surfaces
4 Balls per can

Dunlop Competition Squash Ball - Dz Box
$71.50 ex. GST

Competition Squash Ball - per Dozen Designed with a standard size
10% longer hang time than the pro ball
Offers outstanding performance and great value for club play

Dunlop Intro Blue Dot Squash Balls - Dz Box
$71.50 ex. GST

Beginners - per Dozen
Developed to help players fall in love with the game straight away and learn technique and skills quickly and easily
The Intro ball is 12% larger than a standard ball with 40% longer hang time than
Blue dot

Dunlop Progress Squash Progress Squash Ball - Dz Box
$71.50 ex. GST

Recreation - per Dozen
Improve your game with a ball that boasts perfect playing characteristics to help you develop correct technique and improve your skills
The Progress ball is 6% larger than a standard size ball
20% longer hang time than the Pro ball
Perfect for you if you're a game improver or recreational player
Red Dot

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