Aero Training Javelin
$75.00 ex. GST

BULKY ITEM Due to the size and or weight of this product, additional custom freight charges apply on top of the standard freight.

Aluminium Alloy Training Javelin
$95.00 ex. GST

Made from special Aluminium Alloy material
Each weight is colour coded for easy Identification
Corded grip Ideal Little Aths, Training or school Javelin
Available in 400, 500, 600, 700, 800g

Athletics Marking Pins 1-12
$89.00 ex. GST

Rectangular metal pins with long peg
Numbered 1-12
28cm long peg
Ideal for use on all grass surfaces

Championship IAAF Approved Javelin
$139.00 ex. GST

International championship quality javelin
Premium quality aluminum material with cord grip
Steel ends
Each weight is colour coded
Available in 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 Grams

Javelin Bag
$39.90 ex. GST

220cm long
Reinforced ends and shoulder carry strap
Holds 3–4 javelins

Javelin Trolley
$550.00 ex. GST

Durable 15cm rubber wheels
Easy to turn using handle
Holds 18 Javelins

Plastic Training Javelin
$49.00 ex. GST

Alliance trainer plastic javelins are perfect for juniors to learn the proper throwing techniques, Made of specially designed durable plastic with excellent straight shape, Soft tip for protection, 300GM (70CM LONG) - Junior Series
400GM (70CM LONG) - Junior Series
500GM (112CM LONG) - Senior Series
600GM (112CM LONG) - Senior Series

Weighted Nose Foam Javelin
$21.90 ex. GST

Weighted Nose Foam Javelin
Ideal for developing throwing technique
Suitable for technique training
Ideal for use indoor and outdoors

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