Dimple Hockey Ball
$8.50 ex. GST

P.V.C dimpled ball
Cork and rubber centre
Official size and weight
100% Waterproof Available in colours: White, Orange, Yellow

Foam Hockey Ball
$20.90 ex. GST

Tuff Skin Coated foam ball
160mm Diameter
Replacement balls for foam hockey or Polo Hockey Kits
Each ball weighs approx 132 grams

Indoor Hockey Air Flow Ball
$5.90 ex. GST

Hockey Air Flow ball
Ideal for indoor hockey

Kookaburra Dimple Elite
$28.50 ex. GST

Coated PU casing housing a unique quilted centre
Elite Level Ball - The only hockey ball with 'Global' approval status from FIH
Made in Australia

Kookaburra Dimple Standard
$18.50 ex. GST

Revolutionary true tracking PU cover. Vulcanised core moulded from cork and rubber
Top grade club match ball with 'National Elite' approval status from FIH
Made in Australia

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