Kookaburra Red King Cricket Ball
$49.50 ex. GST

Red King Cricket Ball, 2 piece

Kookaburra Legend
$105.00 ex. GST

Officially licensed AFL Football
Australian made leather

Kookaburra Legend
$105.00 ex. GST

Yellow Poly
Officially licensed AFL Football
Australian made leather

Kookaburra Kahuna Batting Gloves
$55.00 ex. GST

Calf leather palm
HDF fingers and backhand protection
Ergonomic square foam styling
One piece side bar on bottom hand
Toweling wristband
Available in LH & RH / Adults & Youth

Kookaburra Practice
$33.50 ex. GST

The Kookaburra Practice Cricket Ball is a two piece leather training ball that is widely used and generally regarded as one of the best training balls available
2 piece practice ball
Widely recognised as the best training ball in cricket
Granulated cork and rubber core

Kookaburra Supa Soft Ball
$18.50 ex. GST

Excellent durability and coaching properties
Excellent quality two piece construction
Plastic moulded cover with real stitching
Superb quality foam centre built and finished to achieve true Cricket ball bounce

Kookaburra Kahuna Cricket Bat
$350.00 ex. GST

English Willow
Features a mid profile with the spine of the bat running all the way into the toe, extending the sweet spot and making Kookaburra bats perfect for all round stroke play
Wave Grip
Mid Profile

Kookaburra Red King
$47.50 ex. GST

2 Piece construction
Moulded granulated cork and rubber centre
Selected leather cover designed for artificial surfaces

Kookaburra Kahuna Wicket Keeping Gloves
$75.00 ex. GST

Reinforced finger chambers
Durable outer
K-Flex backhand support
Kookaburra catching cup
Dimple grip palm

Kookaburra Kahuna Wicket Keeping Pads
$55.00 ex. GST

Ultra slim ergonomic profile
Lightweight high density foam styling
External knee roll shaping
Durable instep and piping
Premium polyester lining
Available in Junior, Youth & Adults

Kookaburra Practice Ball
$31.50 ex. GST

Kookaburra Practice is a quality ball and features a two piece construction with moulded granulated cork and rubber centre

Kookaburra Beast Pro Cricket Bat
$199.00 ex. GST

English Willow
Pro Shield facing
Mid-low profile
Square toe profile
Grid grip

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