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Adventure Backpack

Reflective Control Flags
Sleeping Bag
Adventure Backpack
$169.90 ex. GST

Aluminum bars on back, adjustable shoulder and waist straps
Rain stop cover and full-length zip on front panel
Available in sizes 60L & 75L

Aurora Sleeping Bag
$75.00 ex. GST

Hood, velcro closure, chest collar and comes with compression carry bag
80cm width

Breakaway Somerset 3R Tent
$369.00 ex. GST

585 x 270 x 195cm
3 rooms, 2 large fiberglass poles
Quick and easy to set up
Weight 13.6kg
Sleeps 8 people

Control Marker Adhesive Stickers
$12.50 ex. GST

A sheet of small adhesive "peel-off" markers
Ideal for use in school grounds and a great accessory for orienteering games or development exercises
A4 sheet contains 24 stickers, 50 mm x 35 mm, including some alpha-coded stickers and some plain stickers

Control Punch Cards
$29.00 ex. GST

Sturdy, firm cardboard
Pack of 100

Control Punches - Set Of 10
$135.00 ex. GST

Box of 10 international standard Control Punches - available in Series A or Series B
Each punch has a unique pin configuration
Strong weatherproof plastic

Hike Lite Self Inflating Mat
$85.00 ex. GST

83 x 51 x 4cm
Comes with carry bag

Luna Sleeping Bag
$95.00 ex. GST

Left/Right side zips, hood, inner pocket and velcro closure
Minimum temp 5 degrees
85cm width

Plastic Tree Markers
$9.50 ex. GST

Easily nailed or screwed to timber posts, fences, etc
Ideal for permanent courses, marking pathways or for school camps and activities
Dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm
Material: PVC, 0.8 mm thick
Printed on both sides
Durable & colour fast
Pack of 10

Rechargable Headlight
$23.50 ex. GST

3W LED light
USB recharge cable
Red light for night vision

Reflective Control Flag
$35.00 ex. GST

Official competition-size SILVA control marker
International colour and size regulation
Weatherproof orange/white nylon
String and plastic hook
Triangular 3-D 30cm x 30cm x 30cm

Reflective Control Flags
$29.00 ex. GST

Smaller control marker for use in restricted areas such as parks and school yards
Weatherproof orange/white nylon
String and plastic hook
Triangular 3-D 15cm x 15cm

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