Adjustable Training Hurdles
$16.90 ex. GST

Adjustable training hurdle
Adjusts 6" to 12" (15cm to 30cm)
High quality plastic
Ideal for speed and agility training
Sold per individual hurdle

Collapsible Hurdles
$149.00 ex. GST

Collapsible Hurdle help develop technique and confidence for young athletes
Hinge style allows the hurdle to collapse completely flat to prevent injuries
Adjustable to a variety of heights
Heavy duty square steel tube
ABS Baton
Ideal for training or competition use
Folds flat for easy storage
Junior - Adjustable to heights 45cm, 60cm, 68cm, 76cm, 84cm.
Senior - Adjustable to heights 68.6cm, 76.2cm, 84cm, 91.4cm, 99.1cm and 106.7cm.

Hurdle Trolley (20 Hurdle)
$579.00 ex. GST

Holds up to 20 x Championship Hurdles (fixed base hurdles)
Large diameter wheels (20 cm) for easy transportation
Hurdle Trolley Width: 117cm

International Competition Hurdles
$139.00 ex. GST

Heavy duty square steel tube
ABS Baton
Adjustable to heights 76cm, 83cm, 91cm, 99cm, 106cm
Meets international rules

Mini Hurdle Carry Bag
$21.90 ex. GST

Can hold up to 10 x 12 Inch quick step mini hurdles
Nylon construction with carry strap and zip
60cm Long x 30cm Wide x 35cm High

Padded Foam Baton
$85.00 ex. GST

Padded foam top
Foldable legs for easy storage
5 adjustable junior heights: 460 / 600 / 680 / 765mm

Padded Foam Baton
$95.00 ex. GST

Padded foam top
Foldable legs for easy storage
5 adjustable heights Senior (762 / 840 / 914 / 990 / 1067mm)

Pro Competition Hurdle - Senior
$299.00 ex. GST

Our strongest hurdle made of 50 mm square steel tube, zinc plated.
Height is adjustable by easy snap locking system upto four levels.
PVC coated counter weights adjust to meet precise official pullover force at each of the 5 heights.
Folding design of the Pro Hurdle reduces the volume of the hurdles, which saves cost on space / transportation.
The PRO HURDLE is backed by World Athletics certification and has the experience of many International and National meets.

Safety Hurdles
$69.50 ex. GST

Ideal for little athletics events, schools and training use
Lightweight tubular aluminum construction with foam padded baton
Weighted bounce back style hurdle saves time as hurdles don't need to be reset when knocked over
Height adjustable and easy quick folding
Senior - Height: 65cm to 107cm, Width: 89cm
Intermediate - Height: 54cm to 84cm, Width: 84cm
Junior - Height: 40cm to 60cm, Width: 76cm

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