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Carpeted Floor Strip
$3925.00 ex. GST

Floor Strip, Carpeted. 13m x 2m
Carpeted Acrolite foam used for tumbling and aerobics or as a general activities area for kinder gym and recreation gymnastics
Bulky freight charges will apply

Floor Tape Roll
$299.00 ex. GST

25a Touch Tape
White, 4 rolls 12000mm x 50mm

Gym Mat Trolley
$1395.00 ex. GST

6ft x 4ft
For handling and storing mats indoors
Plywood top, 10mm thick, is fixed to 25 NB pipe frame
Rubber wheels - 100mmD
Castors with ball bearing swivels at handle end

Balance Beam - 250mm Legs
$2295.00 ex. GST

Fully padded and suede covered aluminium beam top and legs
Length: 5000mm
Bulky freight charges will apply

Balance Beam - Foam
$875.00 ex. GST

High density foam covered with fire retardant vinyl
Touch tape provides good stability when used on carpeted floor strips or with gym fun beams and foam vaulting boxes
Length: 2400mm Height: 300mm
Width of top: 265mm
Width of base: 400mm

Balance Beam - School Model
$2990.00 ex. GST

Complete beam consists of beam top and legs
Height adjustment: wind up and down using removable handle
This unique system improves safety; leg bases do not move when beam height is changed, eliminating the need to change mats
Length: 5000mm
Balancing surface width: 100mm
Height adjustment: 700-1300mm
Bulky freight charges will apply

Foam Balance Beam
$685.00 ex. GST

High density foam covered with fire retardant vinyl
Touch tape provides good stability on carpeted floorstrips or when used with gym fun benches or foam vaulting boxes
Length: 2400mm. Height: 300mm. Width at top: 125mm. Width at base: 265mm

Folding Balance Beam
$225.00 ex. GST

Folding in half for easy storage
Top quality, durable, and moisture-resistant vinyl cover. Very easy to clean and maintain
Non-skid material sewn to the bottom for extra security and safety
White line indicates the center of the balance beam
Velcro straps on the folding end ensuring two sections attached securely and tightly when unfolded
Length: 4m
Width: 10cm
Height: 8cm

Inflatable Air Balance Beam
$399.00 ex. GST

Electric air pump included for super-fast inflation and deflation
Firmness and pressure can be easily adjusted by utilising the air pump
Drop stitched 1000-denier double-wall fabric
Black center line is raised so gymnasts could feel the edge of the beam and can focus on a nice, safe landing
Soft landings around the center line
Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Easy to clean and store away
Repair kit included
Length: 3/4/5/6 meter options
Width: 40cm
Height: 10cm

Rhythmic Gymnastics Ball
$69.50 ex. GST

Olympic/F.I.G. - Plastic - Red
International standard 190mm D inflatable

Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs
$39.50 ex. GST

Olympic/F.I.G. - Plastic
Length 440mm
Weight not less than 150g

Rhythmic Gymnastics Ribbons
$64.50 ex. GST

Gym Fun Ribbon on Wooded Stick - 3000mm Long
Shorter ribbon for small children
Colours Available:
Red, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Liliac, Pink, White

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