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Shawl Sports Equipment

Aquatic Belt

Snorkel Set

Swim Flippers
Silicone Swim Caps
Aquatic Belt
$35.00 ex. GST

Unique design to provide vertical balance
EVA foam flexibility and comfortable fit
Sizes: S/M | M/L

Electronic Starting Gun
$199.00 ex. GST

For use with the Waist Amplifier. 3 in 1 sounds for track & field, whistle for team sports & siren for swimming. Support for Race Clock. Can choose to signal start with LED light as well. Included: 1 x electronic starting pistol, 1 x screw driver, 1 x communication cable for PA system usage. Uses 3 x 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries. Padded storage case included.

$8.50 ex. GST

Coloured neck string not included

Pool Noodles
$9.90 ex. GST

EPE (Expanded Polyethylene) foam
Noodle size: 150cm H x 7cm Diameter
***Sold Individually***

Ribbon Storage Box
$23.90 ex. GST

Ribbon Storage Box with Lid. Six compartments to securely store place ribbons and pins. Note: does not come with ribbons or pins. Ribbons and pins sold separately.

Spike Buoy
$69.00 ex. GST

Standard Spikeball rules with one exception
If you’re playing in a pool, any shot that lands outside the pool is out of bounds
Play at any water depth
More shallow water = more running and dives
The carrying bag is also the anchor bag
Fill it with a 1-2 kg item that doesn’t have sharp edges

Swimming Ribbon Kit
$379.00 ex. GST

Swimming Ribbon Kit contains: 200 x 1st Place Ribbons, 200 x 2nd Place Ribbons, 200 x 3rd Place Ribbons, 200x 4th Place Ribbons, 200 x Well Done Ribbons, 1000 x Pins & Storage Box

Swimming Ribbons
$31.90 ex. GST

Pack of 100 per placing

Water Polo Board
$64.90 ex. GST

Magnetic whiteboard front and back
25 magnetic name tags (60mm x 15mm)
Write on and wipe off
Marker pen and pen clip
Carry handle
Lightweight and sturdy construction
Size: 36cm x 46cm

Fina Official Game Ball
$99.00 ex. GST

Mikasa price / value ball-for games and training
High quality long wearing rubber cover with special buffed surface
Nylon wound with double laminated butyl rubber bladder construction
Size 5

Mikasa Junior Flippa Ball
$45.00 ex. GST

High quality long wearing natural rubber cover
Nylon wound with double laminated butyl rubber bladder construction
Size 2

Official World Aquatics Ball
$119.90 ex. GST

Mikasa’s all-new, next-generation water polo ball is born from Mikasa technology, with an improved omnidirectional wet grip and overall quality and consistency improvements. It enhances the abilities of the players and makes the game more dynamic. Since 1980, Mikasa has been the official water polo ball of choice.
Premium foam rubber
Precision nylon wound
Smooth cover surface
Greater grip ability in wet condition
Improved quality consistency

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