4 Way Tug Of War Ropes
$259.00 ex. GST

Four ropes of 5m length each connected with a center steel ring
A great physical activity allowing up to 30 students to participate at a time
The 4 Way Tug of War Rope is made of jute with stitched leather ends to prevent from fraying

Aerobie Flying Disc 175G
$27.90 ex. GST

Long distance, superior stability and advanced aerodynamics
Performs well under windy conditions

Animal Bean Bags - Supa Tuff
$10.90 ex. GST

Made from a virtually indestructible, seamless roto moulded non toxic material.
100& Waterproof.
Easily cleaned and wiped down for safety.
Available in: Turtle Octopus, Seal, Whale, Gold Fish, Puffa Fish.
Comes individual or set of 6.

Balance Beam Set - Figure 8 Shape Set
$249.00 ex. GST

Balance Beam Set - Figure 8 Shape Set
Contains 27 coloured connectable pieces
Walking surface 5cm wide

Blind Folds - Set Of 6
$16.90 ex. GST

Polyester blind folds with wide elastic strap
Easily washed
Set of 6

Crawling Tunnel - 1.8 Metres
$159.00 ex. GST

This tunnel is made of steel wire covered with 4 colour solid polyester fabric panels.
Easy to open & close with pop-up feature.
It is light in weight, opens & folds easily with hook & loop at each end to close & tie the tunnel and also to increase the length by adding one or more tunnels to it.
Size: 1.8m
Great for crawling fun.
Ideal addition to obstacle courses.

Croquet Set
$79.90 ex. GST

6 x Wooden mallets (mallet size)
6 x Balls of colour
10 x weatherproof wickets
2 x Winning stakes (made from wood)

Note: Balls are 7cm in diameter, with a circumference of 22cm and they are made from wood

Cube Bean Bags
$2.90 ex. GST

Cube shaped bean bags
Heavy duty PVC cover
Nontoxic plastic pellet filling
Double stitched seams for extra strength
Approx size 8cm x 8cm

Deck Ring Quoits
$7.90 ex. GST

1 Piece moulded PVC
Deck ring quoits
Waterproof and easily cleaned

Deluxe Rope Quoit Set
$34.90 ex. GST

Base is 3cm thick x 29cm x 29cm
Includes 6 rope quoits
Great fun for all ages

Egg And Spoon Set
$34.90 ex. GST

Set of six different coloured eggs, with 6 spoons

Flat Hoops
$9.90 ex. GST

High quality polypropylene material
Flat style hoops prevent rolling ankles
Ideal for modified games to lay hoops flat on ground

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