Totem Tennis Set
$85.00 ex. GST

Classic outdoor tennis game on a rotor spin pole, perfect for playing singles or doubles
Simply fill the base with water for stability
Set Includes:
2 x Tennis racquets
1 x Rotor spin pole, 1 x base, Metal Pole: 25.4mm
Height - 180cm, Base - 42cm diameter
Water filled - 12kg
Retail colour box

Hula Hoop Carry Bag
$27.50 ex. GST

Hoops carrying bag with half part made of regular mesh fabric and half part made of polyester fabric
Comes with shoulder strap and a zipper
Holds approximately 12 hoops up to 36 Inch/90cm size

Flat Hoops
$9.50 ex. GST

High quality polypropylene material
Flat style hoops prevent rolling ankles
Ideal for modified games to lay hoops flat on ground

Pimple Ball
$4.90 ex. GST

Spikey Pimple finish is great for easy grip enabling the ball to be caught

Vortex Mega Howler
$15.90 ex. GST

Vortex Mega Howler

Foam Soccer Ball
$25.90 ex. GST

210mm and 160mm

Scooter Board With Handles
$29.90 ex. GST

Heavy Duty super strong plastic with wheels and handles
Pole can be inserted into middle hole
Strong handles for easy gripping
Available in sizes 12" & 16"

Foam Rubber Skittle
$79.00 ex. GST

Set of 10
Heavy Duty Foam
Includes place mat and carry bag
Mini: Pin size 20cm / Ball Size 12cm
Large: Pin Size 29cm / Ball Size 15cm

Pellet Ball
$5.90 ex. GST

Soft plastic ball filled with pellets designed to develop catching and throwing skills
Due to the nature of this ball when it hits the ground it doesn't roll away therefore more time is spent with the skill of catching and throwing
Available in sizes 70mm & 90mm

Full Size Neoprene Soccer Ball
$23.90 ex. GST

All New Neoprene Ball
Size 5
Ideal as a playball/dodgeballs for schools or for beach/backyard play

Velcro Colour Bands
$4.40 ex. GST

Heavy duty seat belt material webbing sashes with velcro
Ideal for simple team identification Colours available: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange

Foam Game Dice
$16.90 ex. GST

13cm Square
High quality PU foam
Great for modified class games
Ideal for indoor use

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