20Kg Dumbell Set
$125.00 ex. GST

2 x spin lock dumbbell handles.
28mm Diameter bars.
4 x 1.5kg and 4 x 2.5kg Tri Grip Plates.
29mm bore hole on plates.
Cast iron with Hammertone paint.
Ideal for toning upper body and developing strength.
Weights can be adjusted accordingly.

Kettle Bell
$32.50 ex. GST

Heavy duty Cast Iron
Vinyl Coating is great for preventing damage to floors
Easily Cleaned

Plastic Coated Dumbells
$15.90 ex. GST

High quality cast iron
Vinyl dipped
Easily cleaned
Non slip coating
Phthalate free material
Flat ends so they wont roll away

Rubber Hex Dumbell
$65.00 ex. GST

Hexagonal design provides stability
Commercial knurled chrome grip
Shock reducing rubber coating

YBell (sold individually)
$79.90 ex. GST

4 Pieces Of Equipment In 1: Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Double Grip Medicine Ball And Push Up Stand All In One! Made From Neoprene: A Non-Slip, Non-Rush Material
Train Anytime, Anywhere: Ybells Are Easy To Transport And Store Away
Full Body Training: Proven Efficient Full Body Workouts

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