Aerobic Step
$69.90 ex. GST

Deluxe Model
Perfect for aerobic workout
Max loading - 200kg
Adjustable height to 10 - 20cm

Balance Trainer With 2 Straps (2Pcs / Carton)
$229.00 ex. GST

Great for working the core muscles, improving balance & intensifying your cardio workout
Forces you to balance while working out
Your body has to constantly move & contract, burning more calories in the process
Targets abdominal & back muscles

Plyometrics Box
$550.00 ex. GST

3-In-1 Plyometric Box
All mats use Vinyl that is UV protected & anti-cracking
Features 3 different jump heights all within the one Foam Plyobox
Eliminates scraping injuries when jumping on or off the Foam, as can occur when using the traditional Steel & Timber Plyoboxes
29-400 high density Australian made shock absorbing Foam
All stitching is double stitched
A 30mm gauge Cotton thread is used
50mm Seatbelt webbing is box stitched & re-enforced into place for strength
Grab handles for easy transport
Rip Stop Vinyl: 680gsm

Plyometrics Box - Steel (Set Of 4)
$549.00 ex. GST

Metal Plyometric Boxes (Set Of 4)
The set consists of 4 individual boxes (35cm, 45cm, 60cm & 75cm) which conveniently can be packed away inside each other to minimise storage space
The boxes are perfect for plyometric training and bounding exercises
Each box is made of heavy duty steel and strong welds, the landing base covered with non slip cover with steel reinforcing which are designed to last and last

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